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Teaching writer's workshop that's developmentally appropriate 

without the tears and frustration.


Have you been told to have your students "go off and write" but it is just NOT working?

Let me guess - you’ve been told to have your students “go off and write” but when you do you have 20 hands in the air, some are crying and others ended up leaving their paper completely blank?

I’ve been there too.

And what I quickly realized is that we need to explicitly model not only the writing process but HOW to write in kindergarten.

Can you imagine...

  • You have confident writers who are actually excited to have writers workshop everyday
  • Your students KNOW what to do each day because you have explicitly model HOW to write within each mini lesson
  • You are able to easily differentiate and meet the needs of all learners - without having students waiting for your assistance
  • Writing is everyone's favorite time of the day

That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to Roadmap to Writers Workshop!!

I’ve been told to have students "go off and write" before and it is SO difficult.

Explicit instruction of how to draw, label and write a sentence is CRUCIAL in kindergarten so that they are given the tools to become independent and confident writers.

We know we need to do more than just "give books to kids and they'll learn how to read" and the same thing goes with writing. We cannot expect students to know how to write by giving them a pencil and paper. 

And it starts with…


Modeling HOW to draw with shapes, using colors and telling stories with pictures only.


Writing the first sound of a word and progressing to all the sounds they hear with phonetic spelling.

Sentence Structure

Explicit instruction of the components of a sentence.

If you're ready to achieve writing success 


So what if I told you…

You will never have to say the words "go off and write" again because you will be explicitly modeling to your students HOW to write.

Independent Writers

Your students will know exactly what to do because of your explicit instruction.

Differentiation for all learners

You will understand how to teach the same genre of writing but give students the differentiation they individually need.

High Quality Work

Your students will go through the writing process slowly.


If you're ready to go from feeling frustrated by outdated writing approaches, but you need someone who's been-there-done-that to guide you...

I created something just for you!


A self-paced Writers Workshop training that teaches you step by step how to create confident writers in a developmentally appropriate way.


“This was a game changer for my entire writing block!”

Our expensive curriculum is lacking in the writing department. This course and writing curriculum is written with the explicit directions that beginning writers need. This entire course is so thorough and realistic. I feel so much more confident using it to teach writing to my Kinders this year!

- Lindsey F.

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside the Roadmap to Kindergarten Writer’s Workshop

You will learn the 3 main components of writers workshop and what is NOT writers workshop. Spoiler alert: writing prompts, craftivities and writing centers are not Writers Workshop.

You will learn tips and tricks on how to get in and OUT of that mini lesson while focusing just on the teaching point.

You will learn my popular approach of slowing down your lesson to create confident writers and high quality work.

You will learn how to incorporate and model sharing writing each day and keeping your kids engaged.

Plus these bonuses to help you with your writing workshop process!

Writing Curriculum 
{Value: $100}

Get ALL of my writing units so you are able to implement this seamlessly next year!

Modeled Teaching Lessons Module {VALUE: $100}

Watch Amanda teach one mini lesson from each of her writing units!

Differentiated Module

 {VALUE: $50}

Learn how to meet the needs of all students EASILY!

Facebook Support Group

{VALUE: $200}

Have access to Amanda with writing questions as you start to implement her approach in your classroom!

“Every kindergarten teacher needs this!”

What a WONDERFUL course! It starts from the very beginning stages of writing, which many writing curriculums don't do. I'm so excited to use this with my littles next year! Thank you for creating such an amazing resource for us!

- Sherri T.

Join the Roadmap to Kindergarten Writer’s Workshop today and get FOREVER ACCESS to…



Top features

  • 25 of ThatKinderMama's training videos
  • Writing folders, posters and materials you'll need to set up your Writers Workshop
  • BONUS: ThatKinderMama's complete writing curriculum  
  • BONUS: Differentiation training video 
  • BONUS: 8 videos of Amanda modeling a mini lesson from each of the writing units
  • BONUS: Facebook Group Support with Amanda 

“My kids love writing time now!”

I have never had a more successful year of writing. My kids illustrations and writing were incredible this year thanks to this course!

- Megan C.

Hi! I’m Amanda from That Kinder Mama.

Amanda is the founder of ThatKinderMama. When she first started teaching kindergarten, she quickly realized the "go off and write" approach was NOT developmentally appropriate.

She ended up create her own writing curriculum and has helped over 10,000 teachers ditch the script, slow down and teach writing in a way that makes SENSE.

Are you ready to start teaching writing in a developmentally appropriate way?


“A kindergarten must-have!”

One of my favorite resources I've found. I love everything ThatKinderMama offers. The writing units provide easy to follow lesson plans and all the anchor chart and templates that you need. It is easy to follow, low prep time AND engaging for students. Highly recommend.

- Nancy T


Let’s go over your questions!

“Worth every penny!”

The curriculum our district adapted does not have a strong, engaging writing block. This course has helped us fill the gap and develop independent writers in kindergarten!

- Janelle M.

How to know if the Roadmap to Writer’s Workshop is perfect for you and your classroom…

  • You are a new kindergarten or first grade teacher
  • You are a veteran teacher that knows the approach you've been told to do is NOT working
  • You teach writing to kindergarten or first grade students
  • You are ready to try something new and start to love teaching writing again!
  • Your students are confident writers and are already successful, independent writers
  • Your students are not frustrated during writing time
  • You do NOT teach writing kindergarten or first grade 
  • You want to continue using the outdated approaches given to you

What are you waiting for? Transform your writing block and create confident, independent writers!


These trainings will give you the step by step on how to transform your writing block. You will instantly be receive access to all 5 training modules, writing curriculum and additional resources. 

If you don't feel like you are on your way to becoming a confident writing teacher, let Amanda know at [email protected] within 14 days of purchase and you can receive your investment back so you can purchase another writing training course.